In the middle of nature and surrounded by many interesting sports surfaces reveales stories about heritage of our country


Hostel Ajdovščina is located on the outskirts of the city


The building is interesting architecturally designed with many wooden and stone details ... at first glance it resembles a traditional Vipava house


The inside... despite the modern approach... is bright, warm, pleasant and ... wooden


50 beds are divided into several rooms, three have four beds, one has six beds, one has eight ... the main bedroom will be comfortable for 24 people

  • Special offer

    The Youth Hostel Ajdovščina is craving to offer the best accommodation service to its guests so they feel comfortable and welcome in the Vipava valley. For these purposes we have prepared special offer to the individual guests as well as for organized groups for which we guarantee that it will fulfill each and every expectation.

  • Sports and activities

    The Youth Hostel Ajdovščina is located in Pale Sport Park. Working hand in hand with different partners, the Youth Hostel provides its guests with a vast range of sport activities.

  • Camps and education

    The Vipava valley with its cultural and natural heritage offers a variety of activities for pleasure, informal education, getting some extra experience or acquaintance, etc… It is surrounded by pure nature where the...

  • Cousine and wine

    Vipava valley offers amazing local cuisine and wine experience. Local homemade dishes and aromatic wines can be found in every village. Discover the magic of stone built wine cellars and native wine varieties like pinela...

  • Cultural Heritage

    In collaboration with different partners (culture clubs and autonomous individuals coming from Ajdovščina and working in the field of culture), the Ajdovščina Youth Hostel organizes workshops and colonies...


Individual guests

Here, where the cultural and the natural heritage are so beautifully intertwined, we have created conditions, where tradition and modernity meet, where sport and social encounters can coexist, and where we can find the...


Organised groups

Only a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the town, many exhilarating adventures are taking place. The area is also an excellent starting-point for walking or cycling tours or even tours designed for other means...


Only a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the town ... Book a room online ...

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